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Wedding Cake Preferred Flavors



When it comes to dreaming up your wedding cake, OUTSIDE appearances aren’t everything to us—what’s on the INSIDE counts, too. We've  chosen the most mouthwatering flavor options that are sure to please everyone’s palate 





Tahitian vanilla beans tossed in the batter and cake layers filled with a bourbon mousse and vanilla buttercream.


Calebaut Chocolate cake batter tossed in chocolate flakes filled with a dark espresso mousse in each layer.

Red Velvet

Southern style batter baked to perfection and filled with Mascarpone buttercream and soaked in amaretto sauce in each layer.

Raspberry Coconut

Zesty Lemon Blush-For brides who love all-things citrus, consider layering a tangy Meyer-lemon cake with sweet berry compote filled with a light mascarpone cream filling


 A rich flavorful cake like a hazelnut-almond cake filled with dark chocolate ganache, mocha buttercream, and raspberry preserves.


Vanilla cake, brushed with lime simple syrup and filled with passion fruit curd, all smothered in passion fruit buttercream.

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