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Meet the Chef

The  fascination with cake decorating began over 10 years ago while watching and helping her mother make a variety of gourmet desserts for various events throughout the year. She was amazed by the artistry of the specialty cakes and desserts that looked so elegant. This started a desire that someday  she too would be able to create cakes and desserts of that caliber!. Here at Dulce Momentz we have a belief that a dessert should taste as good as it looks.
Attended the Culinary Institute of Virginia while interning at various restaurants. After earning an Associate Degree in Culinary Arts, she managed in several different high end bakeries and kitchens.,  It was there that she perfected her pastry skills and honed her talent for pastry work.  As She worked her way  through her career she decided to go back to school for business management. She Received her Bachelor's in Business Management. 
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